Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Social Media Marketing To Mobile

We all know that the world is changing and that people are starting to become more technology oriented and “mobile”. By mobile, I mean people using their phones or tablets to do more things than one can even imagine. Research shows that last year the time people spent via mobile checking Facebook increased 85%, Twitter 140%, Linkedin 114% and Pinterest 4,225%. This is something you as a business owner or as a potential business owner should consider when it comes to your Marketing.

The article below explains these 5 easy tips on how you can optimize your social media content for you mobile customers.

5 Tips

1. Be much more thoughtful about when you are posting.
2. Add value to the mobile experience – which differs from adding value to the desktop or laptop experience
3. Design for mobile first
4. Test different mobile platforms to understand the differences
5. Check your analytics


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