Monday, August 31, 2009

Interested in A Franchise Business?

Entrepreneur's Source is sponsoring a Franchise Expo at the Hilton Hotel at 5624 Westpark Drive, Charlotte, NC on October 23rd & 24th.

From Entrepreneur's Source:
"Remember You are Only Getting Your Feet Wet.
You may be thinking, I am not ready to go into business right now! You are right. For most people, that would be premature. A little uncertainty is normal. Change usually isn't comfortable, even when it’s positive change. It is natural to see obstacles and avoid risk.

We are Here to Help Minimize the Risk
Let us put it another way: What is the cost of doing nothing about your dream? We have worked with thousands of people just like you, individuals considering business ownership. We have helped them discover businesses that led them to achieving their goals and objectives. As coaches, we guide you through a process of education about opportunities in business ownership."
Some of the questions that you may get answered at this Expo include:
Why choose a franchise rather than starting or buying an independent business?
What are the best franchises for you?
How do you fund the investment in a franchise?
Register online for FREE participation. If you do not register online, there will be a $10 charge at the door.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Great Workshop for Future Entrepreneurs

South Carolina residents with entrepreneurial dreams are getting on track to be a part of the new economy!

Our "How to Start A Small Business" workshop last night was a great success, with 19 brand new or soon-to-be business owners meeting with the SBDC's Winthrop Regional Director, Larry Stevens. Participants were given a packet of information to help them understand what's involved in beginning or expanding a business. They were also presented with a template for a business plan that they could begin filling out at home. Once that's complete, they'll be able to make an appointment for a free consultation with one of our small business consultants to fine-tune those plans, and/or prepare documents to begin seeking funding.

A good business plan is at the heart of every successful small business. It helps you organize your business from its very inception, instead of thinking as you go. It readies you to present your business in a positive light when you're ready to look for start-up or expansion funding. Funding is hard-to-come-by these days unless you have a well-developed business plan and meet the criteria to qualify for a loan. You don't want to go to the bank being unprepared.

If you don't have an SBDC office near you, and you want to begin creating your business plan on your own, go to our main web site and look under "Training" to download our Business Plan Template.

We'll be holding another "How to Start A Small Business" workshop in September -- see our calendar below for details, and pre-register through our web site if you'd like to attend.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Workshop for Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is a bit like making a puzzle ...... if you don't have all the pieces, it just doesn't look right, and will never be what you imagined. Come let us help you find the missing pieces in your small business!

We have a workshop coming up on Monday, August 10th, 6-8 p.m. -- "How to Start A Small Business." It's free and open to anyone in the general area of York County, SC who would like to attend (Charlotte, NC area residents are also welcome -- we know how convenient the Winthrop University campus is for some of you).

We'll talk about what you need to start a business, give you a template to create your own business plan as well as other materials, and get you started in the process. If you already have a business you'd like to expand, but have never done a business plan or tried to get expansion funds, this workshop is for you, too. A good business plan is at the heart of every growing business .... big or small.

If you'd like to attend, click here to pre-register online -- the workshop will be held in Room 212 of the Thurmond Building (College of Business) on Winthrop's campus. From Cherry Road, go to Oakland Avenue -- from Oakland, turn into the campus at the main gate at the Eden Terrace intersection. As you go right around the circle, Thurmond will be the 2nd building on your right -- go up the main front stairs to Room 212.

Hope to see you there!!