Monday, February 4, 2013

Do Not Track (DNT) - what is this?

In a recent report, the Federal Trade Commission recommended that Apple, Google and other advertising networks should start allowing users the option of Do Not Track (DNT).  DNTs are programs designed to stop 3rd parties from tracking which sites you visit, how often, when you visit them, etc. 

While some feel that these tracker sites are a violation of privacy, marketing companies believe that the tracker programs are necessary for getting the right advertisements to the right people.  In response, the FTC stated that the DNT should be a privacy option. 

If DNTs were a privacy option they reasoned, people would be able to evaluate their options on an individual level and decide which is better for them. The FTC also recommended that app developers make sure they understand the ad networks fully before allowing them access to advertising in their apps. 

A link to the full report is given below.

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