Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mass Production to Mass Customization.

There is a quote by Seth Godin that says “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers”. This is a very true statement that sometimes small business owners don’t consider. No matter how proud you are about your product or how much time you have spent producing it, if you do not have customers who will buy it then your product is not worth much.

Before you become an entrepreneur, really think about what the customer wants and what their needs are. Nowadays, we have shift to a new marketing concept and a new market orientation towards customers. We went from mass production to mass customization. This means that customers want customized products, they want exactly what they need and they want you to give it to them.

Companies today are focusing more on their customers and how they can cater to them, instead of mass producing products and hoping their customers will want to buy them. As mentioned in previous posts, customers are what makes your company exist, so make sure you are giving your customers customized products to meet their needs. Once you have done so, you will more than likely have a long term, loyal client.

Seth Goldin is an American author, entrepreneur and public speaker. He is also known as a Marketing Guru who has written fourteen books, which have all been bestsellers.

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