Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Do You Remember these foods?

Here’s a quick little slide show of foods you can't buy anymore, including some of those recently departed Hostess products. Sadly, the demise of a product often also signals the beginning of the demise of a company. There's a need to blame someone, and that blame is often placed on the government for not "doing something" to stop it.

But the fact is that sometimes it is WE THE PEOPLE who bring on the downfall of a company, just through our changing tastes. Sometimes too, the blame can be shared by the company that waited too long to diversify products in response to changing tastes.

One way to take care of the health and longevity of your business is to be proactive in watching trends and researching new developments in your industry. We might still be able to treat ourselves to those Twinkies today, if Hostess had paid attention to the changing tastes of its customers years ago ….. Wonder Bread’s whole grain content could have been increased to become healthier ….. Twinkies and cupcakes could have been offered in smaller sizes better suited to calorie counters ……. And some of the products shown in this slide show should probably never have hit the market.

Purple ketchup? Really? Probably should have done a little more research on the need or desire for that product. Ask yourself, "How healthy is my business?" -- if you realize that it's not as healthy as you would like, act now to prepare for a future that includes offering what your customers want, not just what you want to sell.

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