Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Social Media – be careful with it.

Thanks to social media, we are all connected in some way or another whether it is through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.  When using your business social media account, you always need to be careful that it is not being used improperly.

Although social media is a great platform for every business it can also be dangerous and can ruin your reputation in no time. If it is hard to get people to like you, it can be easy for them not to like you. So always make sure you are protecting your reputation and always double check everything before posting anything on your Facebook or Twitter account. 

Some of the things you should always try to avoid are the following:

1.       Don’t be boring... post photos, interesting promotions and sales, new products and posts that will catch the viewer’s attention.
2.       Don’t ignore visitors’ comments -- always reply to them.

3.       Be careful what pictures you are tagged in, this can be dangerous.

4.       Have someone always be on top of your social media, checking it constantly.

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