Friday, October 10, 2014

What Excites Shoppers?

Shoppers see retailers as providers of products or services. But to attract those shoppers, retailers need to understand what a provider really is. Michael Dill of the Match Marketing Group recently spoke at an Advertising Week event and said, "A provider is not just a place to buy things. A provider is someone who gives me value, gives me engagement, gives me content. Customers want brands to entertain them, to show them what they can do with a product and who else is using it. They're looking for a sensory experience," he said. "In some cases, like in consumer-packaged goods, brands and retailers need to come together to create a unified approach.

"Build an experience for shoppers. A brand experience is not a moment. It is a state of mind," said Mr. Dill. "It's something that's felt and emotional. It takes place over a long duration of time. And it takes place at every point where we touch the consumer with our brand." 

My first thought?  Apple. I have an IPhone, and I'll upgrade when I think I need it; but can you see the frenzy that overtakes so many in our communities to buy anything and everything Apple has to offer?  It's nothing short of amazing .... I think they've figured out this "emotional, exciting state of mind" thing!

Can you think of a brand/product that evokes that kind of emotional, exciting experience in the minds of customers?

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