Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Small Business Star to be Born this Super Bowl

Calling all small businesses! This is your chance to shine and gain tremendous exposure for your business. This competition is sponsored by Intuit Inc., which is a company that makes software for small businesses. Intuit will choose one lucky small business to have their 30-second ad aired during a commercial break in the Super Bowl XLVIII. The Super Bowl usually draws in over 100 million viewers and cost up to $4 million per ad, according to last year’s numbers. Intuit will be paying for the commercial giving a small business a free ride to business advancement. This competition has several rounds that start with small businesses signing up at and telling their stories. From there the public votes on who makes it to the next round. The 50,000 companies with the most votes then continue telling their stories, with Intuit employees voting for the 20 best. Four of those will become finalists chosen by Intuit employees, and the public will then choose the winning company. RPA, an advertising agency, will be creating the ad for the four finalists, but only one business ad will have the opportunity to show during the Super Bowl. The runner-ups commercial will not go to waste, but will be used at other times. So if you are interested in gaining business exposure and possible investors; read the article in the link below and sign-up today.

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