Monday, June 2, 2014

How to Design Office Spaces to Attract and Retain Great Talent

It’s no secret: Beautiful office spaces work wonders when impressing new clients or investors. But innovative work-spaces play another vital role in a corporations success — attracting talent.

When your top candidates walk into your work-space, they will immediately judge the environment. The importance of a well-designed office continues during employment because a well-designed office dramatically improve employee innovation, morale, and even retention.

Jeff Chaitman, a workplace design expert and vice president of IdeaPaint, was quoted as saying "The most dynamic work-spaces I have seen all contain a number of common threads tying them together that transcend mere placement of office furniture and a fully stocked kitchen”.

Dana Manciagli of the Charlotte Business Journal listed 3 tips for maximizing office space design:

  1. Create Work Environment Choice: The average square foot of space per worker has declined throughout the years and is expected to approach 100 by 2017 (it was 225 in 2010!). But this decrease in personal space doesn't mean that the overall amount of office space is decreasing. Actually, many companies use that reclaimed space to create diverse work environments that employees love, allowing them to have more flexibility in where they work, think, create, and engage with colleagues.
  2. Give Everyone a Seat at the Table: Good ideas can come from anyone, from upper management to interns and new hires. Chaitman said offices that maintain open workspaces foster more democratic brainstorming meetings and therefore capitalize on the employee knowledge base.“The access these employees have to managers, specifically the variety of access they have to them, creates unique relationships between new hires and veterans that forge a strong professional bond and creates a sense of empowerment that keeps them engaged day after day,” said Chaitman.
  3. Keep Them Coming Back: At the end of the day, work is just that. On average, we spend one-third of our day at work. But that doesn't have to be a negative Chaitman explained that a well-designed workplace can inspire employees on a daily basis instead of deflating them. When asked about the benefits of innovative workplace design, Chaitman stated “The result is a workplace employees want to go to on a daily basis, Companies of all shapes and sizes, from Apple to Zappos, are realizing the benefits of great office design. The common thread throughout is a boost in innovation and creative thinking, employee retention, and overall engagement.”

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