Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's 2014 ..... do you know where your business is?

In the world of small business, there are many options to describe companies .... flat, but hanging on ... growing quickly ... ready to grow ... ho hum... Which one describes your small business?

Are you making enough to support your family and plan for their future, pay your employees to help them do the same, buy a new piece of equipment now and then, and still have a few dollars left at the end of the year? If that's what you want, then you're moderately successful already. Maybe that's enough for you ... that's something only you can know ... everyone is different.

If you still aspire to be self-supporting, maybe hire an employee or two so you can have a day off, and have a little cushion fund for security ... but you aren't there yet, then you have some work to do, and we need to talk about basics and work with you to do a financial analysis so you can see where you might do better in that area; or help you develop a basic marketing plan that can be worked consistently as a regular part of your business to encourage steady growth.

Or perhaps you're doing very well in business but want more .... WAY more! Maybe you want to get a business loan to grow by expanding your location and creating more jobs to bring in more business; or opening a second location to serve a wider area; maybe you want to sell franchises for your business concept; or become certified to bid on government contracts or begin to export your products. These are all things that can be done in pursuit of growth, and we're happy to help you develop a logical and financially solid plan to do that.

SBDC services are free (with the exception of workshops and building websites). You can call for appointment, bring your ideas and your records for the past couple of years, and we'll meet with you for a confidential free consultation to begin your growth for this new year. How often does someone actually offer you something "FREE" that really is free? We don't take money from our clients .... the Small Business Administration and the State of SC pay us to help solid companies plan to grow and create jobs.

Call 803 323-2283 to schedule an appointment to get your business growth started. We'll help you stand out in the small business jungle!

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