Thursday, December 6, 2012

Are you using strategic thinking or tactical thinking?

There are two types of thinking a small business owner uses; strategic and tactical thinking. The biggest difference between these two types of thinking is whether you look at the big picture or focus on the little things. 

We all face different types of challenges in our businesses on a daily basis, some of which can be very easy to ignore until it’s too late. Some of the challenges we may face are dealing with a client, an employee, a supplier, etc.; but those big problems are often the result of our problems, not the problem itself.  

We can focus too much on the issue that’s right in front of us, rather than proactively looking for the real root of that problem.  

Start asking yourself  different questions instead of blaming your clients or employees for things that go wrong:  Are you the problem? How can you fix this? How can you make this client happy so they will come back? Or make this great employee happy so they’ll stay with us? 

Start looking at things in a long-term, strategic way – you may find this broader perspective will save your company’s future.

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