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"A Place at the Table for S.C. Small Business" - Government Contracting

Government Contracting

July 11 Prime Contracts  --  8:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.

July 12 Set-asides Small Business --  8:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.

$50 Each Day; $75 Both Days


Darla Moore School Of Business
Lumpkin Auditorium, 8th Floor
1705 College St.
Columbia, S.C. 29208

$50 for Each Day $75 for Both Days

Reserved FREE Parking

Register: http://uscregionsbdc.com/columbia_seminars.php
Day 1 - Working with Primes

8:30 Welcome  --  Michele Abraham, SC SBDC State Director

8:35 Opening Remarks --   Scott Adams, VP, Prysmian Group, NA

8:45 Contracting Principles - Scott H. Bellows
  • Fair and Reasonable
  • Responsive and Responsible
9:30 Registering as a Contractor (city/state/federal), an Overview - Scott H. Bellows

9:45 Finding Work Opportunities - Sherry Pittinger
  • Prime Contracting & Subcontracting
10:15 Marketing Your Business to the Government and Primes - Sherry Pittinger

10:30 Break

11:00 Working with the Prime Contractor Community
  • Introduction by Mr. Butch Wallace, Cong. Joe Wilson's Office
  • Moderated by Greg Davis: S.C. Department of Commerce
  • Prime Contractors : Brad Burton, Shaw Construction Group;
  •                               Scott Spigener, M.B. Kahn Construction Co., Inc.
The panel will field, first-hand, questions from the audience along the following lines:

  • In the context of government contracting, how does your subcontracting program work?
  • What are some do's and don'ts for subcontractors seeking work with your company?
  • For those who have been awarded contracts with your company, what makes some stand out and others fade into the background?
  • What is your anticipation of government buyer needs (next year and beyond) and how might this affect the subcontractors you work with?
12:15 Closing Remarks and Exhibitor Tables -- Pete Oliver, Area Manager, Columbia SBDC

 Day 2 - Set-asides for Small Business

8:30 Welcome & Opening Remarks --  Michele Abraham, SC SBDC State Director;  Daulton Tresvant of                                                             Congressman James Clyburn's Office

8:35 An Overview of Set-aside Programs - Steve Taylor

  • Set-aside Implementation, a Matter of Consideration

8:50 Where and How to Apply - Steve Taylor
  • Identifying Set-asides
9:00 I've got my certification, now what? --  Scott H. Bellows

  • Marketing to the government - Role of the Small Business Specialist, Corporate Profiles
  • Fair & Reasonable, Responsive & Responsible
  • Pre-solicitations and Sources Sought
  • Networking (and timing), Website, etc.
  • Mentoring-Protege agreements
- Mike O'Neill, US SBA; Cecil Hannibal, OBO Administrator, City of Columbia;
Enhancing performance (and support services),

James Giffin

10:00 Prime and Sub-contracting (for the certified vendor) -- Scott H. Bellows
  • Finding Primes to Work with
  • The Small Business Prime Contractor
  • Prime Work Requirements (as a percentage)
  • Non-manufacturer's Rule, Teaming Agreements
10:30 Break

11:00 Set-asides and Working with Your Government

Introduction by Eric Bedingfield, Deputy Congressman Mulvaney

Moderated by Greg Davis

Panelists: James Giffin, Linda Blanton; Cecil Hannibal, OBO Administrator, City of Columbia;
Chappelle Broome, Director of HR/DBE Liaison Officer, CAE Airport; Brenda Parnell, SC DOT Certification, SC Dept. of Transportation; Keith Friot, Pre-award Division Chief, Ft. Jackson; Randall May, Dir. of Bus. Oper. & Small Bus. Specialist, Shaw AFB

The panel will field, first-hand, questions from the audience along the following lines:
  • Describe your procurement operations and what you feel that you do to identify and bring on first-time contractors?
  • Describe what, if anything, you do to encourage your prime contractors to bring on new sub-contractors?
  • How do small businesses learn about smaller contracting opportunities that are not published in SCBO, FedBizOpps, etc.?
12:15 Closing Remarks and Exhibitor Tables -- Pete Oliver, Area Manager, Columbia SBDC

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