Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tips on developing a website that will differentiate your business

• State what your business does best and define your niche.

• Create a strategy that will differentiate you from your competition convincing your customer that there is no other company out there like yours and why they should pick you.

• Do not create a quick webpage just to have one, create the best webpage out there; remember, this is the face of your company.

• Think about what unique offerings make your company successful and highlight those points on the webpage.

• Incorporate your webpage into a mobile internet application giving your customers access to it anywhere at any time.

• And, we suggest that you take a course or go to a workshop like our “Getting Your Business Online” workshop (check our calendar for the next one), to make sure that your site will not only be helpful and of interest to people, but will also be search engine-ready to make sure it gets found! A beautiful website that never comes up in the search engines won’t be helpful to your business.


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