Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Right Way to Ask for an SBA Loan

SBA money IS available for a variety of business loans, but what potential borrowers don't always realize is that the SBA funds are not given directly from the SBA ..... those funds are administered by banks, and as such are approved by those banks according to their own company's rules for lending.

But our SBA sources tell us that potential borrowers need to do a little research before heading to just any bank to apply for an SBA loan. Call ahead before going to any bank and inquire as to whether or not that particular bank offers SBA loans; and if so, WHO is their SBA Loan Officer. Not every loan officer handles or understands SBA loans. Once they get the name of the right person to speak with, they need to go ahead and request an appointment with the SBA Loan Officer. This will be a process, as is any loan negotiation, and you'll want to insure that they set aside enough time to really talk to you and understand your concept -- you don't want to stop by unannounced, catch them at a bad time, and have them only half listen to your proposal because they're watching the clock to get to their next meeting. Get that appointment with the right person at their convenience, and you'll up your chances of a successful relationship with your loan officer.

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