Friday, April 29, 2011

Nuclear Industry Supplier Information Seminar

South Carolina -- The Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce, The Carolinas’ Nuclear Cluster and the Small Business Development Center will host a FREE Nuclear Industry Supplier Information Seminar on Thursday, June 2nd from 9 am – 12 noon at First Federal, 238 S. Coit Street – 3rd Floor.

The nuclear energy industry is ready to provide the reliable, carbonless electricity our world needs, and the Carolinas' Nuclear Cluster plans to be a part of that growth. Small and medium-sized firms can be part of the planning, construction and operation of these power facilities. The nuclear industry has detailed specifications for its suppliers, and knowing those specs are critical to success.

Firms that could be possible suppliers can benefit from this short seminar:

-- MANUFACTURERS: Pipes, valves, fittings, electrical systems, HVAC,

construction materials, stainless steel.

-- SERVICES: Machine shops, electrical/mechanical/HVAC maintenance, waste,

clean-up, office maintenance, hazmat, painters, radiological protection, quality control, lab services.

What you will learn:

-- The status of the nuclear industry in the Carolinas

-- Basic requirements of nuclear suppliers

-- How procurement officers in the industry operate

-- Availability of advanced business processes that can aid entering the nuclear market

Registration is limited to the first 35 participants. The Nuclear Cluster is providing this session under its "Innovative Economies" project. This session is for South Carolina-based firms.

To register for this event, go online at This event is organized by the Carolinas Nuclear Cluster, a part of New Carolina ( The Carolinas Nuclear Cluster supports the economic development of the Carolinas through nuclear energy.

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